Admission procedure for foreign citizens

1. Applying  for an invitation for entry in Penza (Russian Federation)

To get an invitation from Penza State Technological University (PenzGTU) you need to send scanned copies of the following documents to Foreign Students Educating Faculty by e-mail (

  • International passport
  • Educational Document(s)
  • Translation of your international passport into Russian
  • Translation of your educational document(s) into Russian which are witnessed at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

If you can’t submit the above translations at this stage, you’ll have to do it after entering the Russian Federation. You’ll have to command the services of certified interpreters and to notarize the documents.

Note! It is also important to inform the Faculty about your current e-mail address.

2. Getting an invitation and processing a visa

Your invitation will be prepared within 25-30 days and after that will be immediately e-mailed to you.
The invitation gives you the right to apply for an entry visa at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in your home country ( ).
Remember that you can’t get a Russian visa if the expiration date of your passport is less than 18 months after the date of your prospective entry into the Russian Federation.
Some prospective students of preparatory courses need to legalize their educational documents. The list of countries citizens of which don’t need such legalization can be found on If your home country is not in the list, the legalization is obligatory.
To legalize your documents you need to apply to Consulate department of the Russian Embassy in the country where the documents have been issued.
Prospective students of Bachelor, Master and Post-graduate programmes also need to nostrificate their educational documents, that is to recognize foreign educational documents as legal. The procedure can be found on

3. Migration documents

To cross the border of the Russian federation you need the following documents:

  • International passport;
  • Russian visa; for studying in Russia you need “Student” visa;
  • Migration card (filled at airports before border control); in migration card in column “Purpose of Visit” it is necessary to underline “Education”.

4. Arriving

After getting your visa and buying airway tickets you are to inform Foreign Students Educating Faculty about the date of your arrival in Penza (
You can get from Moscow to Penza:
- by plane (from Domodedovo airport – );
- by train (from Kazansky railway station – );
- by coach (from Shchelkovsky bus station).

In Penza we are waiting for you strictly on weekdays (Monday to Friday) at ul. Gagarina/proyezd Baidukova 1a/11, block 1, room 220, 224, tel.+7 (8412) 20-42-41.
Working hours of Foreign Students Educating Faculty: 9.00 - 17.00 (local time - GMT+03:00).

5. Migration registration and hostel checking-in

After arriving in Penza you have to get migration registration submitting the following documents to Foreign Students Educating Faculty:

  • International passport;
  • Copy of some pages from your international passport (pages containing your photo, name and surname, date and place of birth, passport number and expiration date, passport stamp about entering the Russian Federation);
  • Copy of your Russian visa;
  • Migration card with a stamp about entering the Russian Federation;
  • Copy of your migration card with a stamp about entering the Russian Federation;
  • 6 mate photos (3 × 4);
  • Standard application form for migration registration (filled in the Faculty).

6. Documentsforenrollment

To apply for Bachelor, Master or Post-graduate programme you need to submit the following documents to Admission Office of PenzGTU (ul.Gagarina/proyezd Baidukova 1a/11, block 1, room 101):

  • Originals of the documents copies of which you have e-mailed earlier (see above para.1). They have to be legalized in a proper way;
  • Clean bill of health (about dangerous to public infectious diseases);
  • Clean bill of HIV (the bill is valid within 90 days after medical testing);
  • Vaccination certificate;
  • 6 mate photos (3 x 4). Each photo should have your name penciled at the back side.

If you don’t have clean bill of health (about dangerous to public infectious diseases), clean bill of HIV or vaccination certificate, you’ll be accommodated in the rooms of temporary residence until you get the documents mentioned above. 

7. Medical examination

Within 5 days after arriving in Penza you are to be medically examined. If you have voluntary medical insurance which covers expenses of medical testing, the procedure will be free. Foreign Students Educating Faculty can help you get medical insurance and take medical examination if you apply for them.

8. Entrancetests

According to Admission Regulations to be enrolled to the University at Bachelor, Master or Post-graduate programme you need to take entrance tests. If you pass them successfully you’ll be enrolled and start your study.
If you want to be enrolled at preparatory courses, you don’t need to take any entrance tests.

9. Enrollment

Order for admission to the University is issued several days prior to the beginning of academic year. Academic year for students starts on September 1st. Groups at preparatory courses start their study as soon as enough students are enrolled.

You will be enrolled to the University after you pay tuition fee (in accordance with educational contract) and hostel accommodation fee (in accordance with residential lease agreement).

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