My name Ertimi Bahaeddin. I’m from Libya. Now I study at Penza State Technological University. My specialty is "Energy and resources saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemistry and biotechnology."  In terms of this major we study many different subjects. We really like classes in chemistry, economics. All foreign students and I attend classes with great pleasure as computer-aided training is widely used.  After our classes, some of my friends and I are involved in students’ life of the university. We sing, dance, and participate in various training sessions with other students’ groups. This is interesting and good fun, and there is a lot of amazing activities that can refresh you after hard work. You can make a lot of new friends, that's why now I’ve already had many friends here and we have a great time. I can see a lot of perspectives in my life now.

My name is Jeffery. I am from Nigeria but I live in Russia now. I learn the Russian language at Penza State Technological University. 

I enjoy the learning process. I like my class teacher. Our classes are very interesting. We use both books and computers. Our teacher is always courteous and kind to me. She speaks clearly and accurately; we listen to her with great attention. All students are also very polite. I always go with them to have a grab of lunch: we drink coffee and eat snacks together. I have also made a lot of friends here. 

I am very happy to study at Penza State Technological University.

My name is Jefferson. I'm from Nigeria. Now I study and live in Russia. I study at computer engineering department at Penza State Technological University.

During the first year I studied the Russian language only and it was very difficult to understand at first but with course of time it got easier. Now I am a first-year student (the 2nd year in Russia) and it’s absolutely amazing. I'm the only foreign student in my group and department. Both students and professors are kind and courteous to me. They take extra time to explain things to me. The weekend is my favourite time because I hang out with other students. We listen to music together or attend concerts.

I'm very happy to be a student of prestigious Penza State Technological University.

Moayed Ballg: “I gladly participated in a ropes course with other first-year students. It was a real fun. I’ve got lots of positive emotions. Training exercise Time management was very interesting and useful”.

My name is Ghassen Ben Ayada. I am Tunisian and I am now living in Russia. I study the Russian language in Technological university of Penza. Classes are really interesting here. The teachers are kind and helpful and they are explaining everything to us in such an easy and simple way. As I have classmates from all over the world, I got new relationships and knew more about different and interesting cultures while quickly improving my ability to speak foreign languages. Penza is a great city for tourism too! I enjoy spending the weekends here with my new friends! I hope that it will be a successful experience abroad, because I feel really glad about it!

Hi. My name is Waqar. I am Pakistan and I am a student. I am learning the Russian language in Penza State Technological University. The atmosphere is magnificent here. I really love it all. The teachers are always friendly and really well-trained. Their techniques are modern and useful. I feel really lucky to be a part of such a great institute. The most important thing is that people are really nice. They love to help foreigners. At first I thought I will be feeling lonely in Penza but now I feel like Penza is my new home. So my advice for everyone who wants to get a high-quality education in a very friendly atmosphere to join us. We at Penza State Technological University are waiting to welcome you with all our hearts.

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