Information about the Office of International Relations


Address: Penza, proezd Baidukova, 1a, room 218.
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Leading specialist of Department of International Relations (in charge of visa support) – Ivahnenko Ekaterina
Phone: +78412204241

Manager of programmers of foreign students’ adaptation - Ksenia Lyagina
Phone: +79273727442

Manager of foreign students’ extracurricular activities - Anna Gorobchuk
Phone: +79624733968

Specialist working with foreign students - Vostroknutova Kristina
Phone: +79270904867

The Office of International Relations was founded in 2011.

Our fields of concern:

  • Engaging and enrolling foreign students at pre-entry courses
  • Contacting legal bodies and individuals in situations concerning foreign citizens’ education
  • Monitoring foreign students’ passport and visa requirements
  • Coordinating activities of the University departments and offices participating in teaching and accommodating foreign students
  • Monitoring foreign students’ academic activities and assisting whenever necessary
  • Monitoring foreign students’ accommodating facilities and sorting out problems whenever necessary
  • Tutor monitoring during the whole period of study
  • Organizing social adaptation and recreation activities
  • Solving psychological problems
  • Assisting foreign students in getting medical service
  • Acting on behalf of and protecting interests of foreign students while dealing with authorities
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