of Residence in the Dormitory of PenzGTU

Students living in the dormitory of PenzGTU are obliged to:

  • enter into a tenancy agreement in the dormitory of PenzGTU;
  • observe strictly the rules of internal regulations in the dormitory, safety measures, fire and public safety;
  • live only at the place of temporary registration;
  • take care of the premises, equipment and inventory of the dormitory, use of electricity and water;
  • keep the rooms and common areas clean, clean the rooms (storeys) daily, participate in full-scale cleaning (monthly, last Friday of a month);
  • pay timely your fee for accommodation and utilities;
  • produce documents on security demand;
  • provide inspection capability of your room by PenzGTU staff.

 Students living in the dormitory of PenzGTU have the right to:

  • live in the dormitory for study periods at PenzGTU, provided you follow the rules of internal regulations in the dormitory and your tenancy agreement;
  • use the premises of educational, cultural and household purposes, equipment, inventory of the dormitory;
  • collect student council and be elected its member;
  • participate in making decisions about the improvement of living conditions, leasure activities;
  • make requests to PenzGTU administration about repair, change of equipment and inventory;
  • use home appliances provided you follow safety measures and fire safety;
  • have guests in the allotted time.

The students living in the dormitory can be brought to different work on the territory or in the premises of the dormitory.

Students living in the dormitory are prohibited to:

  • move from one to another premise without permission;
  • move inventory from one premise to another without permission;
  • to be absent from the hostel at night (from 23:00 to 7:00). If you need to spend the night not in a hostel, be sure to notify the commandant, the curator and the dean (no more than 3 days).
  • perform types of work that make increased noise and vibration, use speaker devices from 23.00 to 07.00;
  • smoke and use different  smoking devices(hookahs, smoking pipes, electronic cigarettes etc.);
  • bring unauthorized people to the dormitory and leave them overnight;
  • provide living premises to other people;
  • appear in the dormitory drunk, consume(drink) or store alcoholic beverages;
  • install, alter or replace the locks in the room without the permission of the administration;
  • use sources of  open fire in the premise;
  • keep pets;
  • store bulky things in the room that prevent other residents from  using the allocated living space.
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