Students’ Rights and Duties

(Extract from the Hostel Standing Order of Penza State Technological University, approved by V.B. Moisseev, the acting rector of PenzSTU, 17.12.2013)

  • 3.1. Students have the following rights:
    • to live in the hostel during all the period of their studies if they obey the rules of the internal order;
    • to use hostel classes, utility rooms, playrooms, equipment and facilities;
    • to get extra services for living in rooms with better conveniences according to the Agreement providing extra services for those living in the hostel. The list of extra services, fee and payment rules are specified in the Agreement providing extra services for those living in the hostel;
    • to make suggestions to the University Administration to amend the Rent Agreement;
    • to immigrate from one room to another one with the Administration’s sanction;
    • to elect and be elected to the Hostel Students’ Council(the 5th Clause of the Standing Order);
    • to participate via the Hostel Students’ Council, Students’ Convent in making decisions about the improvement of their living conditions, arranging their extra curriculum work and leisure, decorating living rooms and classes for independent work.
  • 3.2. Students have the following duties:
    • to make Rent Agreement while settling in;
    • to use dwellings according to their purposes specified in the Rent Agreement and Local Standard Act of the university;
    • to obey strictly the rules of the hostel internal order, safety rules, fire and social safety;
    • to take care of dwellings, equipment and facilities, to be particular about water and energy consumption;
    • to maintain cleanliness, daily to clean dwellings, stairs and monthly to participate in overall cleaning (the last Friday of each month);
    • to pay for living, utilities and extra services on time specified by the University.

      Students are to pay fee monthly (deadline: 20 of each month following the previous one). Fee can be paid some months in advance. Fee is paid for the whole academic year: from September till June. Foreign students entered the university not fee-free are to pay according to the Rent Agreement of Dwellings in the Hostel and the Agreement providing extra services for those living in the hostel in terms of the legislature of the Russian Federation:

    • to obey the Rent Agreement of Dwellings in the Hostel;
    • to inform the hostel superintendent, tutor (hostel monitor – in emergency) about all malfunctions and extremal situations in the room;
    • to compensate all material losses either in physical or monetary form according to the legislature of the Russian Federation and rules of the students’ internal order.
  • 3.3. Students living in the hostel on the voluntary basis are to be involved in self-catering works, landscaping, rooms redecorating, regular rooms and territory cleanings.
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