Social assistance and medical support of foreign students of PenzGTU

Foreign students of PenzGTU have assistance in organization of annual health checks and issuing a medical insurance policy (4500 rubles per year), which allows to visit a doctor or to send for a doctor as the circumstances require.

If a foreign student has any health problem, he/she should inform the dean’s office for foreign students (room 224).

You can contact us by phone:  8(8412) 20-42-41.

Any foreign student must have a health check once a year and submit his/her medical assessment report to the dean’s office for foreign students (room 224). Note! If you don’t submit your medical assessment report, PenzGTU has the right to prevent your visiting classes and living in the dormitory.


Foreign students, preparatory courses students and post-graduate students, who study in the Russian Federation, are provided with medical services only if they have a policy of voluntary medical insurance. Any medical aid not covered by the insurance policy (except for first response emergency care in life-threatening situations) is for the account of a foreign student.

Medical insurance is a mandatory requirement for admission to PenzGTU (if you don’t have a medical policy of state insurance). Moreover, all foreign citizens are to have a medical report (form 086/y) about health check and vaccination (list of prophylactic immunizations).

If your medical insurance expires during your study at PenzGTU, you can effect a policy from insurance companies or apply to the dean’s office for foreign students (room 224). This type of insurance is only available after your arrival to Russia.


Your medical policy value, its date of expiry and list of services covered will depend on insurance company, date of your admission to PenzGTU and health condition at the time of arrival to Russia.

Is a foreign student in Russia bound to have a policy of voluntary medical insurance?

According to Federal Law of August 15th 1996 # 114-ФЗ “On procedures for exit from the Russian Federation and entry to the Russian Federation” every foreign student must have a medical insurance policy for the whole period of stay in the RF irrespective of the form of study (full-time, extramural, within quota or without quota) and type of enrollment (on competitive basis or on a fee-paying basis).

Citation from article 27 of Federal Law #114: “Entry to the Russian Federation for a foreign citizen or a person without citizenship is forbidden if: section 5) a foreign citizen or a person without citizenship hasn’t submitted a medical insurance policy that is valid on the Russian Federation territory”.

Federal Law of July 25th 2002 # 115-ФЗ: “Foreign citizens who have arrived to the Russian Federation must have a medical insurance policy that is valid at the territory of the Russian Federation”.

If a student or prospective student of PenzGTU doesn’t have a medical insurance policy, he/she commits an administrative infraction of the RF migration legislation, which is punishable by a fine. Administrative Violations Code, article 18.8, section 1 “…in regions is punished by a fine at the rate between 2000 and 5000 rubles together with administrative exclusion from the Russian Federation or without such exclusion”.

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