Campus Life

Leisure Time Activities

Join in and Make Your Life Interesting!

  • “How special are you?” → for the first year students

This event takes place annually in October (dancing, singing, drama)

  • “Students Leaders Training” Olympus → this event takes place 3 times a year:

In November – for the 1st year students;

In May – for all the students;

In September – for the last year students;


How to communicate efficiently;

To work in a team;

To become a leader;

Social Networking.

  • ‘”Training Days” → all-Russia educational project takes place two times a year at our university


To master soft skills;

To participate in discussions on business, psychology, time management, self educating and so on.

  • “Music show” → annual musical content for students
  • “Science Festival” → annual event for all the students & teachers of different science brunches, doing research and social activity


To encourage students activity in making projects

To make it possible for students to improve their science and research potential

  • Club for those who are merry and quick-writted → takes place every year (prelemenary games are in autumn, final game is in December)


To have a fun making jokes;

To master drama skills;

To do the best in improvisation.

  • “Students spring” → the greatest annual event takes place in spring


To train team skills

To compete with the other faculties teams

To show their abilities and to make first steps in Art

  • “Intercultural Dialogue” →all year-round event


To make intercultural contacts

To be tolerant and tactful

To strengthen the sense of being a good citizen of your country

To develop efficient communication between all the students at our university

  • “Winter Social Marathon” → annual ski event across the Penza Region


To inform schoolchildren about PenzSTU and studies at university

To make show programmes and presentation about the university and students life

  • “Bike marathon”  → annual event in bikes  for all the students takes place in March


To visit schools in Penza Region & inform students & schoolchildren about our university

To make shows and concerts, voluntary and social activities

  • There are a lot of other conferences, contents and forums for young people all the year round!
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