Exciting events for foreign students of PenzGTU

8 november 2016 

Foreign students took part in two interesting events that were organized at the roller rink of Olympisky park last weekend. They were Arts Night and Big Autumn Mix.

At Arts Night students from Tadjikistan visited workshops of different crafts, went rollerblading and took part in funny contests. During some events they acted not only as participants but also as volunteers.

The students will definitely remember a quiz on Russian movies. Attakhonov says: “The programme Movies Night was followed by a workshop on producing cartoons. We were told how to write a script and direct a cartoon, how to create images with the help of everyday objects. As a result we managed to produce a short video clip and got lots of positive emotions.”

The programme Big Autumn Mix involved participating in such engrossing workshops as bead weaving, origami, painting and drawing. The students had a chance to play and compete on roller blades, to take a photo in beautifully decorated Autumn Corner or to meet funny life-size puppets.

All the visitors could buy handcrafted items and souvenirs at a charity fair organized by the students of PenzGTU. All the money obtained was donated to the construction of a new center for disabled persons in our city.

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