Day of Healthy Lifestyle in PenzGTU

17 may 2017 

The Day of Healthy Lifestyle took place at “Spartak” Stadium on May, 10th. First year students of all departments and colleges of our university together with pupils from schools-partners took active part in it. The event was hosted by the Office for Educational and Social Work, the Chair of Physical Culture and Sports and the United Students’ Board.

In his opening speech Rector Viktor Ussmanov focused on the importance of healthy lifestyle and wished all the participants of the sports event to be strong, active and joyful.

The event program included not only such team sports as streetball, football, volleyball, “funny relays”, but also darts, arm-wrestling, kettlebell lifting and chess. The list of winners in every sport activity mentioned can be found below.


  1. Faculty of Automated Information Technologies (boys’ team)
  2. School # 52 (girls’ team)
  3. College of Information Technologies – PenzGTU (boys’ team)

Special distinctions for active participation were awarded to Faculty of Production Technologies team and School # 52 (boys’ team)


  1. Faculty of Biotechnologies
  2. Faculty of Automated Information Technologies
  3. Faculty of Production Technologies



  1. PenzGTU
  2. College of Chemical Technologies - PenzGTU
  3. Evening Department - PenzGTU


  1. PenzGTU
  2. College of Information Technologies – PenzGTU

Funny Relays:

  1. College of Production Technologies - PenzGTU
  2. Faculty of Production Technologies
  3. Faculty of Automated Information Technologies (team 1)
  4. Faculty of Automated Information Technologies (team 2)



  1. Zaichkina Irina           16ПБ1т
  2. Fertikova Victoria      16ИЭ1бп
  3. Igoshina Valeria         16СН1с


  1. Gerasimenko Vladislav       16ИС1т
  2. Yurin Andrey                      16ИК1т
  3. Dudakov Maxim                 16ПБ1ба

Kettlebell lifting:

  1. Kolodkin Pavel     16ИС1бп
  2. Gorshkov Valery   15УК1т
  3. Voronov Roman    16ИС1т



  1. Lavrin Nikita                 14ПВ1т
  2. Kaderov Mukhammed   16ХБ1бп
  3. Bykov Vladislav            16ТП1бп


  1. Kapeshkina Alina   16ПБ1т
  2. Nemova Ekaterina  16ПБ1т
  3. Kozlova Polina       16ПБ1т



  1. Buzunov Ilia                     16ИВ1бп
  2. Rakhmatullaev Kuratulla  16ОИ1бп
  3. Moldovan Aleksey            16ХБ1бп

Special distinction for active participation was awarded to Biryukova Alina

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