Third intercultural dialogue in PenzGTU united students from different parts of the world

7 november 2017 

A new session of “Intercultural Dialogue” was organized by Office of international relations and Students’ council on October, 27th. There Russian students met first-year students from Egypt, Algeria, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries.

The session started with greetings from members of the Penza region delegation of World Youth and Students Festival in Sochi – Elena Kherenskaya, Denis Averianov and Ertimi Bahaeddin. They shared their impressions about the festival and wished the participants to find a lot in common in spite of cultural differences.

The session program contributed to it greatly as it involved socializing and learning about customs and traditions of different countries. Students studied elements of folk dances, tried on national costumes, pronounced foreign language tongue twisters and took part in team-building activities. The culmination of the session for the foreigners was awarding the title “Russian student”.

Both participants and organizers liked the event a lot and hoped to meet at another session soon.

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