“Initiative-2018”: a round table “We are different but we are together!!!”

14 february 2018 

February 12, 2018. A round table “We are different but we are together!!!” took place in PenzGTU within the framework of the regional forum “Initiative-2018” “Penzenskaya Oblast - the territory of interethnic dialogue and cooperation”. It was organized by A.I.Serebryakova, a psychologist of the Department of educational work.

The representatives of over 20 nationalities study in PenzGTU. During the round table the representatives of Armenian, Ukrainian, Tatar, Mordovian and Russian nationalities acquainted the audience with the language of their people, peculiarities and distinctive features of culture, folk festivals and rituals, national cuisine, musical instruments and dances. The speakers expressed pride for their people and their traditions.

The participants of the round table discussed the importance of the Russian language in multiethnic relations. D.V. Efimova, PhD in psychology, Associate Professor of “Pedagogics and Psychology “ focused the participants’ attention on the fact that the representatives of different nationalities, cultures and religions are unique and, at the same time, have a lot of similarities. The task of all people is to learn how to interact, to talk to each other, to see in the interlocutor, first of all, a person and not to succumb to the influence of negative national stereotypes.

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