Foreign students of PenzGTU Participated in the Day of Trainings in Penza

13 april 2018 

Satursday April 7, about 700 pupils, students and young residents of our town participated in the fifth «Day of Trainings», which was held on the basis of Penza State Technological University. PenzGTU Foreign students from Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Egypt and Algeria became the participants of all-Russia project. 26 trainers and 5 speakers addressed the participants in the following areas: psychology, acting, entrepreneurship, music, humour, sports and even illusionism. The student from Kirgizia Zhenishbek Argen was among the organizers of the project “Day of Trainings” for the third time.

Yulia Daugelaite, a triner from Switzerland was a special guest of the event. At her training she told how to find out the reasons of misunderstanding between interlocutors and presented communication techniques.

Gur Akin, a student of PenzGTU preparatory courses from Turkey, visited the training "The Art of Being Deceived", in which he was able to meet with the backstage of illusion art.

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