Sightseeing tour

21 may 2019 

May, 11th was a nice pleasantly hot day. Some students of preparatory department spent it outside on walking sightseeing tour of historical centre of Penza. They learnt a lot about the time Penza was founded, about the first settlers of the place who were both farmers and warriors. The students were fascinated with the old buildings belonging to different architectural styles, the ones that were connected with numerous events in the city history. They were really impressed by the newly-built Spassky Cathedral. And of course, the legend of Emelian Pugachev’s suspected treasure hidden in the underground passages of the city center also attracted the students’ attention.

The tour organizers – Irina Kulikova and Natalia Leontieva – together with all the students are grateful to a volunteer-guide Natalia Koblova who did her best to share the information in interactive lively manner.

The students spent their afternoon in relaxing atmosphere of Botanical gardens in Karl Marx street.

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