International Students at “Swallows of Sura” Forum

28 may 2019 

May 22, a regional student forum “Swallows of Sura” started at the premises of “Beryozovaya Roshcha” sanatorium. The forum has taken place for the 4th time. This year it united 160 students. After a serious shortlisting, the participants were divided into 5 areas: “Entrepreneurs and Innovators”, “Region of Good Deeds”, “Cultural Land”, “Patriots of the XXI century”, “Student Format”.

The forum program included educational and discussion platforms, speeches, experts and forum guests master classes, sports games, cultural events. The most exciting part of the forum was working with experts. The participants were required to submit and defend their project in order to receive grants or qualify for larger forums.

Abdu Mansur Khamada Mansur Ibrahim (Egypt) and Abdelkhafiz Ahmed Mohsen Mostafa (Egypt), the international students of our university, took part in “Entrepreneurs and Innovators” area. The students presented their “RHPSN” project. This is a development in the field of medical technologies, the students presented a bionic prosthesis of a human arm and leg – an electronic and mechanical device driven by nerve impulses and simulating the work of the limb. The bionic model allows people to compensate for the loss of one of the limbs and perform lost functions. Thus, the model significantly improves the quality of a person’s life and increases the success of their integration into society.

Abdu Mansur Khamada Mansur Ibrahim, the author of the project, thinks that the developments in this area are promising due to the large need for them. “This project contributes to the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. It will include not only people with limbs amputated for medical reasons, but also victims of military conflicts and those injured in various accidents or catastrophes. It is essential that the project is comprehensive and includes all stages, starting with the development and production of artificial limbs, ending with technical support and subsequent maintenance of the product. What is more, the project is planned to include a centre for physical rehabilitation of patients and training in the use of artificial limbs”, Mansur reports.

At the end of the forum the results were summed up and the authors of the best regional projects were awarded with certificates. The work of our student from Egypt was noted by all the experts and recommended for presentation at all-Russia forums.

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