International Students of PenzGTU: on Equals

17 september 2019 

September 10, one of the stages of the “PenzGTU Intercultural Dialogue” program was held in “Zvyozdochka” Children’s Holiday Camp while realizing the project “Core Group School for PenzGTU International and Russian Students”. 130 Russian and International students of the University and Technological College attended the event.

“PenzGTU Intercultural Dialogue” has become a traditional event in our University, but each time the organizers manage to bring something new. This time the event was held in the format of a role-playing game, where participants were able to present themselves as budding businessmen from around the world. "We wished not just to reveal the leadership and entrepreneurial potential of the participants, – the organizers said – - it was important for us to develop teamwork skills, to teach to achieve a common goal together and develop a common strategy of the team, regardless of the personal tasks of each participant. And according to the results of the event, we can assert that the goals have been achieved at a high level."

The participants point out that the events like these positively influence not only international students adaptation to a Russian university but also help Russian students improve their knowledge of foreign languages and culture.

“PenzGTU Intercultural Dialogue” became one of the first events of the University in this academic year where international students of the University took such an active part. We hope that Core Group School for PenzGTU International and Russian Students will help the students blend in the Technological University. In addition, we have prepared a number of activities within these projects aimed at involving foreigners in the world of Russian culture. For example, one of the next stages will be a tour to the Museum preserve "Tarkhany"," – shared plans K. I. Lyagina, a teacher-organizer of the Faculty of International Students and Additional Education.

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