Core Group School: Unite and Make Friends

30 september 2019 

September 25, during the “Core Group School for International and Russian Students of PenzGTU” project there was a meeting of technological university students with Denis Averianov, an organizer of different national educational projects, a coach on team building.

Being our University graduate, Denis organized the meeting in the format of students' interactive cooperation. «It was important to help the students overcome cultural and age opposition, develop communication skills and build closer ties between International and Russian students,-says the coach. «An important feature for me was the national composition of the participants, many of whom are representatives of a number of neighbouring countries. The long-standing historical ties between our countries have had a positive impact on the process of cultural exchange at the University».

The meeting was held in the atmosphere of good understanding, which was largely provided by the Council of International students of PenzGTU.

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