International Students Participated in Events Dedicated to National Student Day

30 junuary 2020 

Just before the national Student Day, the students and teachers of PenzGTU participated in different festive events.

January 24, the students of the technological college and the University faculties started their day with a festive breakfast with the rector, to which representatives of of the faculties and the student associations of the University were invited. International students also did not stay away.

At the beginning of the event, Dmitry Vladimirovich congratulated everyone on their professional holiday, expressed confidence that all of them had passed their winter exams successfully, thanked them for their active attitude and interest in the life of the University and wished them to remain as responsible and creative as they were. He also sounded the keynote for constructive debates, inviting the students to an open conversation. And this benefited the students of PenzGTU!

Different issues were actively discussed: the difficulties of combining work and study, logistics between buildings, expanding the range of student associations, updating research laboratories, creating mobile applications and others. Abdu Mansur Khamada, a student from Egypt, for example, asked a question about how to involve International students in scientific projects of the University. This involvement is very important to him. The conversation was lively and interesting, so the time passed without being noticed.

The event ended with traditional presents given to its participants: this year the students got backpacks with the logos of the University student council and Soyuzmash of Russia as well as souvenirs and certificates of the companies-partners of the University.

On the same day, on the territory of the rollerdrome in the Komsomol Park, Penza, a solemn awarding ceremony was held for students and teachers of higher and secondary educational institutions of the town who showed high results in education and science and actively participated in the social life of the town.

A.G.Voronkov, the Minister on Education of Penza Oblast, and E.O.Guseinov, the Head of the District Administration congratulated the students on their holiday.

Several students and teachers of PenzGTU were awarded with letters of thanks and certificates of honor.

The winners were congratulated by on-stage performance groups of the educational institutions and the town. The event ended with sports games and a field –kitchen in the street…

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