International Students Visited Maslenitsa

1 march 2020 

February 28th, Maslenitsa, a traditional Russian festival was celebrated in the second building of PenzGTU. Maslenitsa is connected with saying farewell to winter.

The event was organized by the Biotechnology Department of PenzGTU and the student team «Maximum». In spite of the gloomy weather the event had a great success.

During the festival a master-class on baking blini(pancakes), the symbol of Maslenitsa,was held. Everyone could taste this traditional Slavic dish prepared by the students and teachers of the Department of Food Production according to different recipes.

What is more, the participants of the festival took part in a preparation contest, organized by «SVAR» company, appliance producer and our University partner.

The contest was continued by comic contests and sports competitions.

Darts and tug of war - in these sports the International students participated together with the Russian students. Luam Aimen, a student from Algeria, was first in darts.

The students approved themselves in a dance flashmob – they suceeded in folk dancing. In such a joyful way did the students of PenzGTU say farewell to winter.

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