Algerian Student from PenzGTU Published Her Book

8 april 2020 

Self-isolation is not the reason to give up books – so decided Zagdush Khahina and presented her book “Strangers” in social networks. But only in Arabic, however. An Algerian author from a village of Avlad Khalifa has been studying Russian in PenzGTU for over half a year. But she has been familiar with Russian classical literature for a long time: she defended her graduation thesis on the works of F.M.Dostoevsky at the Faculty of Arts and Languages of the University of Mohammed al Bashir al Ibrakhimi in Burzh Buareriy.

She is currently learning actively Russian at a University in Penza and is interested in writing texts in Russian, but she believes it is too early to start translating her book on her own. “It’s the right decision, - said Victoria Mushkova, Kahina’s teacher. – The novel is complex both in plot and in depth of the problem presented, so it requires serious translation work. It would be great to find a publishing house here in Russia, which could notice a young writer form Algeria because the issues in the novel are genuine concern for many countries and nations.”

Emigration and the inability, seemingly to cope with the problems of living in a foreign country alone, become key in the novel. “Strangers”. The main character of the novel is an expatriate who had to leave his home country, - said Zagdush Khahina. He is looking for his place, trying to understand his role in this world, but the loss haunts him, all dreams gradually die. After many years spent in exile, losses, deeply disillusioned, the main character reveals that everything he had been looking for was inside himself, that love and happiness for which, as it seemed, he was not made for, were near all this time.”

Despite the lack of translation, the Algerian student from PenzGTU is preparing to present her book at the University. “ I believe as soon as self-isolation finishes, we’ll present Zagdush Khahina’s book and organize meet-the-artist event with the young writer while now we are learning Russian distantly”, resumes Victoria Mushkova, the teacher of “Translation and Translation Science” Department.

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