Self-Isolation doesn't Prevent International Students of PenzGTU from Learning Russian

7 april 2020 

For Penza students self-isolation and distance learning have become a serious test on their ability to organize and discipline themselves. In fact, the work on educational portal in PenzGTU is routine, another services have been added to allow the teachers and students to communicate distantly. So, Russian students do not waste their time.

But how do those who have just arrived in Russia to study and are still only learning Russian to prepare for full-fledged mastering of their chosen specialty solve the problem of self-isolation?

They are certainly continuing to prepare for the entrance tests in the relevant disciplines in English and Russian. But there's always the acquaintance with the culture of the country the language of which they are studying.

«Of course, our foreign students do not have enough live communication necessary for mastering spoken language,-point out the staff members of the International Students Learning Department of PenzGTU,- as well as they miss the involvement in the world of student events – school of active core group, student spring festival, sports competitions and scientific events but most importantly-excursions, during which the foreign students got acquainted with the traditions of the Russian culture, our history».

But our university teachers have found the way out. Reading classical books and watching old Soviet films is what fills the life of my foreign students, - says Victoria Mushkova, the teacher of «Translation and Translation Science» Department. If classical literature helps the students learn vocabulary and grammar of the written language, the spoken language becomes available when they watch «Kidnapping, Caucasian Style», «Operation Y and Shurik's Other Adventures», «Ivan Vasilievich : Back to the Future», «White Sun of the Desert». But the greatest interest , judging by the reviews was caused by the films on military topics – «The Dawns Here Are Quiet», «The 9th Company».

The exploits of Russians during the war periods of history are admired by modern foreign students. And most importantly, thanks to war films, they understand why it is so important for us to celebrate the Great Victory and preserve historical memory. This means that training in the #univerathome format brings its own results.

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