A Student from PenzGTU Printed Face Mask on 3D-Printer

11 april 2020 

Mansur Khamada, a member of a student scientific and project campus does not waste his time but uses his skills and knowledge to solve acute problems. His interest in robotics and additive technologies (Mansur’s research work is connected with the development and production of bionic prostheses for limbs) allowed the student from Egypt to make an anti-virus facial mask, which is a must during pandemic.

“To make a skeleton you need really strong plastic, - says the student of “Biomedical Systems and Technologies” specialty. –This ensures a tighter fit to face, which is very important for the protective function of the mask. There are other advantages: the mask is reusable, easily disinfected, and the manufacturing process does not take much time, does not require manual labor, which is also important during the spread of the virus. According to the student, anyone who has access to open source 3D-printer, can make the mask on their own. The cost is still rather high, however – about 400 roubles.

But the economic dimension does not worry the International student: working on so needed item for protection against viruses has become another engineering experiment. Mansur does not rule out the prospect of making masks on 3D-printer, though. They do print the valves for ALV, don’t they?

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